Wind Up Mantel Clocks

Even with the invention of electric clocks, wind up clocks still hold a special charm and are highly desirable to the collectors of clocks. A properly maintained wind up clock will give you endless hours of accurate time keeping.

Wind up mantel clock Wind up mantel clock Wind up mantel clock Wind up mantel clock

Wind up mantel clocks, often called "8 day clocks", are clocks that need to be wound up about once a week. They mostly have movements made in Germany and due to the high level of workmanship - if maintained properly - will last for many generations. Most mantel clocks produced have chiming features that sound every fifteen minutes. Even with the advent of electric clocks, many wind up clocks and watches are still produced to this day.

For a wind up clock to keep time accurately, they need to be oiled periodically. There are special oils on the market specially designed for lubricating the mechanisms of a wind up clock. Clocks will generally have holes behind the mechanisms for inserting a small drop of oil. When oiling, you should be sure not to get any oil on the gears as this will effect the accuracy of the clock.

Wind up clocks are set by rotating the hands to display the correct time, then a small key is inserted at the rear of the clock and wound. Be sure not to over wind the clock as this damages the springs and effects the ability of the clock to accurately keep time. You should feel the tension increasing each time the key is turned. Once it becomes difficult to turn, it is wound enough. It is better to under wind a clock and have to rewind it earlier than over wind, you will become aware of how many turns of the key are required from each experience winding the clock.